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IEEE International Workshop on Optimization and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetism (OIPE2016)

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The International Workshop on 'Optimization and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetism' (OIPE) since 1989 has the aim to share and exchange new original ideas on recent developments in optimization and inverse problems in design and optimization of electromagnetic devices such as machines, transformers, actuators and measurement equipment used in various applications. In addition to these main original topics, in recent OIPE editions, the optimization problems related to renewable energy and the use of modern heuristics and evolutionary computation for facing hard problems of model identifications and optimization have been more and more introduced and now are emergent topics of the workshop. Since the challenge in studying optimization and inverse problems can be effectively faced only if complex and more and more innovative mathematical tools are available, the OIPE workshops have been always focused to a deep, stable and interdisciplinary cooperation with other scientific communities. In short, we can say that the workshop is an important forum not only for engineers, but also for mathematicians and physicists to discuss in meeting theoretical aspects, methodologies and industrial research activities on inverse problems and optimization method and applications.

We are glad to announce that the 2016 edition of the OIPE workshop series will be held in Rome, the capital of Italy, in the same year in which the town will host the Mercy Jubilee.

The important impact of OIPE Workshops on the international scientific community is testified by the valuable recognition obtained by the IEEE: the IEEE Italy section, together with the Italian research center Ciriaf, will be the main sponsor of the Workshop.

A day before the workshop opening we are glad to annouce a one-day PhD course organized by the PhD School "F. Gasparini" that is the most important PhD school for Italian PhD students in Electrical Engineering. The participation to the school will be free of charge for all those PhD students regularly registered to the Workshop.

The OIPE series was established in 1989 (Pavia, Italy) on the basis of the strategic importance of optimization and inverse problems in electromagnetic research. This initiative was continued and further developed through a series of biennial events held in Warsaw, Poland (1992), Geneva, Switzerland (1994), Brno, Czech Republic (1996), Jyvaskyla, Finland (1998), Torino, Italy (2000), Lodz, Poland (2002), Grenoble, France (2004), Sorrento, Italy (2006), Ilmenau, Germany (2008), Sofia, Bulgaria (2010), Ghent, Belgium (2012) and Delft, The Netherlands (2014).


Workshop Topics

  1. Theoretical aspects and fundamentals
    (a) mathematical theory and formulation of inverse and optimization problems, (b) regularization techniques, (c) model order reduction, (d) identification problems, (e) sensitivity analysis, (f) new approaches.
  2. Algorithms
    (a) reconstruction techniques, (b) deterministic, stochastic and hybrid techniques, (c) multi-objective and multi-level optimization,  (d)  heuristic  approaches,  (e)  design  of  experiments,  (f)  constraint treatment,  (g) robust optimization  under uncertainty, (h) objective functions and direct problems, (i) numerical efficiency, (j) coupled problems; (k) new techniques.

  3. Applications
    (a) optimal design in electrical and electronic  engineering, (b) optimization in information and communication systems,(c) non destructive evaluation, (d) industrial and biomedical tomography, (e) optimization in measurement systems, (f) optimization and inverse problems in biomedical engineering, (g) control systems, (h) large scale systems, (i) mechatronics, (j) nano- and microsystems, (k) renewable energy, (l) benchmark problems, (m) other applications.

  4. Software methodologies
    (a)  parallel  and  distributed  computing,  GPU  computing,  (b)  soft  computing  and  artificial  intelligence (c)  new methodologies.

September 13, 2016 to September 15, 2016