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Microwave imaging by means of Lebesgue-space inversion: An overview

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TitleMicrowave imaging by means of Lebesgue-space inversion: An overview
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsEstatico, C, Fedeli, A, Pastorino, M, Randazzo, A
KeywordsInverse problems, Inverse scattering, Lebesgue spaces, Microwave imaging

An overview of the recent advancements in the development of microwave imaging procedures based on the exploitation of the regularization theory in Lebesgue spaces is reported in this paper. Such inversion schemes have been found to provide accurate results in several microwave imaging scenarios, thanks to the different geometrical properties that Lebesgue spaces can exhibit with respect to the more classical Hilbert ones. Moreover, the recent extension to the more general case of variable-exponent Lebesgue spaces is also addressed. Experimental results involving reference data are shown for supporting the theoretical description of the approaches.