"Microwave Imaging Methods and Applications" (by M. Pastorino and A. Randazzo) book available

"Microwave Imaging Methods and Applications" available in stores!

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Microwave Imaging Methods and Applications provides practitioners and researchers with a complete overview of the latest and most important noninvasive and nondestructive techniques for inspecting structures and bodies by using microwaves.

Placing emphasis on applications, the book considers many areas, from medical imaging and security... to industrial engineering and subsurface prospection. For each application, readers are presented with the objectives of the inspection and related challenges. Moreover, this groundbreaking resource details computational methods that can be used to solve inverse problems related to specific applications.

Including clear examples or the most significant practical results, this forward-looking reference focuses on systems that have been recently developed. Professionals gain the knowledge needed to compare imaging methods used in different applications and develop new uses of imaging apparatuses and systems.