The Applied Electromagnetics Group focuses its research activities on the following topics:

  • Development of theoretical and numerical approaches for computational electromagnetics. Analytical and numerical modeling for the development of microwave components and for the solution of direct and inverse electromagnetic scattering problems.
  • Study of radar systems and techniques for naval, industrial and civil applications. Development of innovative reconstruction methods for ground penetrating radar. Study of innovative approaches for the evaluation of the radar cross section (RCS) and for the estimation of the magnetic signature in the naval / maritime field.
  • Development of methods and techniques for qualitative and quantitative electromagnetic imaging in non-destructive testing, environmental monitoring (including the evaluation of atmospheric precipitation), subsurface prospection, security, through-the-wall sensing, and biomedical diagnostics (with particular reference to brain stroke).
  • Study and design of broadband antennas and intelligent systems for antenna processing. Study and design of smart antennas and their characterization in complex environments. Design and analysis of RFID devices and systems.
  • Characterization of innovative materials.
  • Development of models and apparatuses for the evaluation of the interactions between electromagnetic fields and biological systems. Study of the interaction mechanisms between electromagnetic fields and biological systems for low-intensity laser applications.

An overview of some of the activities of the AEM Group can be found in the attached file.