Esposizione a campi elettromagnetici: normative e misure

Nell'ambito dei corsi di Campi Elettromagnetici del Corso di Laurea in Ingegneria Elettronica e Tecnologie dell'Informazione e del Corso di Laurea Ingegneria Biomedica, nei giorni 17 e 20 maggio 2016 si è tenuto con successo il seminario dal titolo "Esposizione a campi elettromagnetici: Normative e misure" a cura dell'Ingegner Paolo Gemma, Senior Expert Huawei Network energy, ITU-T WP3 of SG5 Chairman, ETSI EE secretary and EEPS Chairman.


La divisione dei ruoli tra ambienti medici e ingegneristici. Quali sono gli attori. Normative sulle misure. I test da eseguire. Esempi di misure. Le problematiche dovute alla contraffazione.

Biografia del relatore

Paolo Gemma - senior Specialist for Europe and representative of Huawei on issues related to energy saving and environmental sustainability of companies worldwide - has done its input in Huawei in April 2008. Before he was in Nokia Siemens Networks, has been responsible for laboratories Italian for EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and electrical safety areas. Previously he held for 18 years a role like within the Siemens Communications Division. Paolo Gemma, between the leading experts of sector at international level, has an active role in international standardization activities. Since 1993 has engaged in ETSI (European Telecommunication Standard Institute) and participates in the development of telecommunications EMC standards. In 1997 he joined ITU-T Study Group 5 as Rapporteur and he is now the Chairman of Working Party 3 “ICT and Climate Change”. Paolo Gemma has followed the work of the EE (Environmental Engineering) of ETSI Technical Committee since 1998. EE is the Technical Committee of ETSI engaged in the standardization of energy power, mechanics and environmental conditions. The group is committed since 2004 on ecological issues in particular with regard to the reduction of energy consumption and cooling management of equipment and installation publishing some standards on this issue. In 2002, has been appointed Secretary of the Committee ETSI TC EE and 2009 holds the position of Chairman of the EEPS EE (eco Environmental product standard) working group. Paolo Gemma is a graduate in electrical engineering from the University of Genoa.